Bio3 Implant Care Foam

The Bio3 Implants research institute is constantly working on new developments that will always provide our patients with the best products and services in implantation. For two years, our research team conducted research and developed a unique post-implant oral care product – Bio3 Nursing Foam.
The World Association of Implantologists (ICOI) has recognized Bio3 Care Foam as the world’s best care product and recommends its use to patients.

The unique formula of Bio3 Care Foam accelerates the healing process of the gums, reduces the risk of edema and supports oral hygiene after surgical implantation.

As studies have shown, the use of Bio3 Care Foam in the first days after implantation, unlike other fluids, reduces the healing time of the implant and prevents the occurrence of complications in the postoperative period. The health of our patients is our top priority, so we offer only high quality implants and care products.
Bio3 Implants is a German, world-renowned company that manufactures premium-grade dental implants and oral care products to patients after implantation.