Russian chemists make a discovery in the branch of dentistry

According to the experts, bad condition of people’s health is the most disturbing problem of different spheres of medicine. It concerns mainly solid tissues – bones and teeth. Lately, a group of Russian chemists have created a one-stage technology of manufacturing a nano-hydroxyapatite. This matter can be used in various spheres – implantology, implants manufacturing, restorative dentistry, restoration of teeth enamel and solution of different problems, related to the skin defects. This achievement might be crucial for the problems in these branches.

The research is conducted by Alexander Knyazev, Professor of N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod. Professor and his colleagues in chemistry believe that the advantage of the new technology is the increase of bio-compatibility with human cells in comparison to already existing and used matters.

Having a wide implementation range for the new technology, chemists concentrate now on the orthopedics and traumatology, pharmaceutics, aesthetic medicine, implantation, covers and coatings, which are required for manufacturing qualitative medical instruments.

The main achievements of chemists:

  • Improvement of bio-compatibility of artificial nano-hydroxyapatite with human tissues.
  • New modification method through chemical approach for regulation with different characteristics – biological and mechanical.
  • Reality of creating different (for example, restorative) matters (nano-powder, ceramics with regulated degree of porosity).