Shorten recovery period of soft tissue with Bio3 Implant Care Foam

One of the latest developments of Bio3 Implants research Institute is Bio3 Implant Care Foam, unique product for oral care after dental implantation.

Our goal is to guarantee 100% successful rehabilitation of patients after surgical interference so they could be fully satisfied with our implants and your work.  

Unique foam could shorten the postoperative healing at least in 3 times. Its efficiency was proved not only by two years of testing by World Association of Implantologists but also by real clinical cases from dental practice.  

Summary of the research of Bio3 Implant Care Foam:

  • Shortens the period of soft tissue recovery;
  • Reduces the risks of inflammation and swelling after implantation;
  • Provides hygiene environment in oral cavity during rehabilitation period.

Today we want to share great results of patient’s soft tissue healing with everyday using of Bio3 Implant Care Foam during rehabilitation period.

This case report was provided by:

Henadiy Perekatiev

Orthopaedic surgeon,

The director of Diamant dental clinic, Taganrog city.

A patient, 59 y.o. After implantation.

 The result after 10 days since implants were uncovered with everyday usage of Bio3 Care Foam.
(Without Bio 3 care foam the same result could be achieved after 1,5 month!)

Provide 100% guarantee on successful implantation with Bio3 Implants!