Bio3 BRUSH is a surgical tool used for processing of implant surface in peri-implantitis.

Stages of implant cleaning at peri-implantitis with the use of Bio3 BRUSH.

  1. 1. If possible, please remove the orthopedic construction.
  2. 2. Bio3 BRUSH is used only in open surgical field (use additional instruments, scalpel, etc.).
  3. 3. Remove the granulations that surround implant, avoiding damaging of the implant surface.
  4. 4. Check the package integrity and its content for deformations. Open the package immediately before its use. (Product can be sterilized before use)
  5. 5. When extracting the brush from the package please avoid damaging of the bristles.
  6. 6. Set the brush into the surgical tap (20:1).
  7. 7. Do not overheat the area of cleaning. Remember, maximal speed of brush rotating shall not exceed 800 RPM to avoid damaging of the implant surface. Use the normal saline for cooling just as it is used for cooling the site when preparing it before implantation.
  8. 8. Process the cleaned implant surface and adjacent tissues with solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate, then rinse it with sterile normal saline.
    STERILE. Use immediately after opening of sterile package in conditions of surgical cabinet in compliance with all aseptic and antiseptic standards. Product can be sterilized additionally before use.

Product for single use and for one patient only!

In case of secondary use in different areas of oral cavity of the same patient, it is strongly recommended to process the brush with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and rinse it with normal saline.