6 main reasons of dental implant failure: Part 1

   Reason #1: implant disintegration caused by bone burn


Bone burn could be result of:

  1. 1. Wrong drill rotation speed

How to avoid it?

  • You should adequately determine and select future treatment plan in accordance with patient` bone type.
  • Always use drill bits or right size.

2. Wear and tear drill bits

You can avoid it if you would:

  • Change drills timely. Remember, that drills service life shall be not more than 30-40 cycles of autoclaving.
  • Replace drills with diamond coating after 40-50 cycles of autoclaving.
  • Follow the manual provided by dental tools manufacturer. In addition, you should select proper disinfectants and autoclaving mode and use them at all stages of treatment.
  • Check the number of autoclaving cycles for each drill.


  1. 3. Lack of sufficient cooling

How to deal with it?

  • Use drill bits with external or internal cooling.
  • Precool necessary amount of physiological solution to the required temperature before surgery.