Bio3 Progressive Implant

Progressive Implant is the newest development and being self-tapping it provides perfect fixation and primary stability. Spiral-shaped implant form with various thread depth is developed for better bone compression while using in III-IV bone types.





Range of tapered dental implants

Линейка конусных дентальных имплантатов



    Spiral-shaped implant with aggressive thread was developed for a better primary stability, therefore it is recommended to be used in II, III and IV bone tissue types.
    Conical implant body perfectly complies with the drill shape for more precision bone fitting.
    Implant body tapering makes self-tapping property better. Noninvasive apical implant part prevents from anatomical damaging during sinus lifting
    Platform switching


Tapered connection



Conical connection with inner hex provides precision implant-abutment connection and therefore, influences well on the stability process of permanent dental prostheses. 12° taper provides this connection with perfect fitting and tightness. Conical connection is absolutely bacterial dense and shows excellent results in compression reduction in implant’s cervical part.

Bio3 surface



Bio3 Implants surface is the latest generation of dental implant surfaces. It is active and hydrophilic; The increased surface area provides perfect bone–implant connection. Due to this advantage the implant has higher primary stability and quick osteointegration. It can be used with one- or twostage protocol.

Apical part



Due to the precise design of implant’s apical part it can prevent from damage of anatomical bone structure and can give the opportunity to the implantologist to decrease the time of surgical implantation stage. Progressive Implant enables to solve any clinical problems even in highly complicated situations.


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