Antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated implantations

In order to minimize complications after the implantation, nowadays there is an enormous amount of schemes for assigning a systematic antibiotics course. Yet, the question of the use of antibiotics in implantology is still debatable.

It is important to understand, whether there is a single opinion of the professionals in the sphere of dental surgery according to that question. The aim of this article is to find out the preferences of dental surgeons in prescribing antibiotics after uncomplicated dental implantation surgeries.

With the help of e-mail distribution a survey on the usage of antibiotics in dental surgeries has been sent out to all members of the American Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeons Board.

Medication used prior to and before the surgeries were indicated in the survey, with indications of name, dose, frequency and longevity of use. Respondents were also asked, whether they have their own practice, in the group, army, etc.

There was also an option of answering “other” in the survey, if none of the options were suitable. The results have been processed by the Static Analytic System (SAS).

More than 200 members of the board took part in the survey. As a result, 34% of respondents prescribe antibiotics prior to and after the uncomplicated implantation surgeries. Prior to surgery, amoxicillin is being used in most cases (2 grams, approximately 1 hour prior to the surgery). It is also used after the surgery, but in a different dosage – 500mg, three times a day, mostly for 5 days.

As a result of the survey, we have found out that about 52% of doctors use antibiotics prior to the surgery and 72% – after the surgery.

It is interesting, that this survey hasn’t determined a single opinion among the doctors about prescribing and using antibiotics in uncomplicated implantations, effective schemes of their usage, opportunity of using antibiotics in order to avoid losing the implant on early stages after the surgery. Moreover, most part of used schemes of taking antibiotics does not correspond to the recommendations in modern science literature.