Hard tissue material collection for beginners

An adequate amount of bone in the patient is a main factor of successful installation of dental implants. Otherwise, it can lead to implantation failure. In case then patient has lack of hard tissue volume dentists often use the technique of augmentation with autografts. The material can be taken from the area of the tibia, cranial vault and the iliac crest. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that grafts derived from donor areas is characterized by a high level of bone resorption. Concidering this fact, dentists began to use in the practice of transplantation of bone blocks.

What are most common tools for bone material collection?

Bone scraper is one of the way to collect hard tissue. In addition, it is often used for hard tissue leveling and removal.

After contacting the bone with the blade appear cereal, the material is ready for using.

Bone mill is another tool for collecting bone tissue. It is worth mentioning that the size of the bone flakes depends on the pressure strength. The dentist removes the material from the reservoir and immediately adapt to the defect area.

Piezosurgery is one more way to collect bone. This method apply special device with microvibration for cutting bone. It is important that in this method do not harm the soft tissue

However very often dentist apply ready natural osteoplastic material like Bio3 Beta Bone for hard tissue augmentation. This material is made from the bone of high quality using phase multistage purification cancellous technology and cortical bone appluing the method of high-temperature processing. Professional dentists use Bio3 Beta Bone also because it`s hydrophilic qualities and high biocompatibility due to the special porous structure.

Beta Bone material has already gained popularity among the modern dentists who are concerns the quality of dental material.