Having visited one dental implantation course, should I enroll in another one?

According to Colin Campbell, an unsuccessful completing a course in dental implantation doesn’t imply that you cannot deal with that. According to the recent reports of the dental implantology in the United Kingdom, more than 90% of practitioners do not place implant within at least two years after the course.

Because of this fact, we have decided to associate the current program and The Campbell Academy. We understood that these shocking circumstances meant that people had provided education for their interest and not for the interest of the attendees of the course.

The Campbell Academy willingly introduces people to the dental implantation and helps them by all possible means to place fifty implants in one year or even more. However, the most complicated are the cases with people, who have already finished a course and have acquired an unsuccessful experience. There are many other persons who have received a degree or finished a course in dental implantation just to realize afterwards that they do not have enough confidence, are unable to develop their skills in order to deal with implant dentistry every single day. It is important to understand that the implant dentistry is a many-faceted branch of dentistry that needs not only the medical skills, but also communicative skills. Being aware of business and marketing growth can help you to achieve success for the benefit of both your practice and your patients.

So what is better?

The fact that you have once attended a dental implantation course and it has not been so effective for you does not meant that it would the same this time. That is exactly the case ‘to each his own’ and everyone should do the job that passes to him or her. Discussing the real importance and role in medicine of his or her career in dentistry is what we do for every delegate in the academy to promote them in their career.

We are also glad to offer you a bespoke education throughout the courses, for example, the Year Implant Course, to provide people with the maximal effectiveness and to introduce them to qualified mentors. Not only basic courses are available, you can also attend advanced, complex and master courses to improve your skills. Some people on our courses also take part in the faculty teaching. In other words, you should not give it up even if you have been to a course before. Probably it was not the appropriate time or course, or it is the right time to refresh your knowledge and to start with the renewed vigour.


Source: dentistry.co.uk