How long do dental implants work?

Some implant manufacturers give no information about the service life of their implants to customers. However, there are several factors that have a direct impact on lifetime length of dental implants.

Good oral health depends upon such factors like smoking cessation and decent oral hygiene; however that factors are vital for people with dental implants. Poor hygiene and dental plaque are the main causes of inflammation, which can spread under the gums. Smoking can significantly reduced blood supply and calcium metabolism in bones which may have negative impact on implant service life.

Surgical protocol is one of the most important things in dental surgery. However with no dentist`s competence, quality instruments and sterility the implantation is doomed.

Dental implants by Bio3 have a lifetime warranty. Cone-shaped implant can easily penetrate into the bone tissue without damaging. Special hydrophilic surface of Bio3 implants significantly reduces the time of osseointegration, thus improving orthopedic rehabilitation.

For such reasons implant systems by Bio3 become very popular among dentists who really care about of their patient’s health.