Ill-Fitted Dentures Can Cause Cancer

Indian researchers have conducted an investigation that considered the consequences of wrong denture placement. In the result, they stated that ill-fitted dentures might lead to oral cancer, especially by those who do not care about mouths properly.

Now in India over 50 thousand people die because of oral cancer yearly, and this is a real bother for all the doctors, for dentists in particular.

The researchers from the Head and Neck Oncology Department at Mumbai Tata Memorial Center reported that mucosal irritation caused by ill-fitted dentures could be a reason for oral cancer development. In particular, they said about the cancer on a tongue side border.

Same time, the doctors are sure that there is no the slightest connection between the time during which the person utilizes the denture and cancer disease.

They also state that now only 30-40% of people with oral cancer manage to survive the five-year period. Previously, the index was 50-60%. More cases of advanced cancer are observed.

The researchers examined more than 20 studies conducted in the world and connected with mucosal traumas and cancer.
Now they say that 80% of the cases are still the result of alcohol abuse and smoking. On the other hand, the rest of the patients did not have these bad habits at all.

When ill-fitted, they can injure mucosa, a membrane that surrounds body cavities and our internal organs.
At the same time, over 70% of population in India has no chance to get proper oral care, since they live in villages. And the number of dentists in comparison with the number of people in India is too small: 150,000 doctors for 1.3 billion people in total.

So, the reason of oral disease development is still bad oral care. The doctors emphasize that medical care should be easy-of-access for the population as the prime cancer prevention method.