Implants failure: 6 main reasons Part 4-5

In keeping with the theme of failed implantation we want to emphasize these two common reasons that will result in failed implantation surgery.

#4 reason: implant disintegration because of poor health of the patient

While planning dental implantation pay special attention to such information in patient`s medical history as:

Systemic illnesses

  • Such illnesses include oncological diseases, HIV and AIDS, hypertension and diabetes. They influence overall health so it is important to find out epidemiological anamnesis of your patient.

 Mental state

  • Patients with mental disorders perform worse rehabilitation after implantation. Play special attention to mental background of your patient because even fear and negative mood may significantly influence the process of implant osseointegration.

Temporary health deterioration

  • Physical ailments and changes in hormonal background are also temporary health deterioration of the patient. You can check in medical history whether hormonal or other drugs were prescribed. In this case dental implantation should be rescheduled.

That way by and large we recommend you to check patient physical and mental health before and after implantation surgery.

#5 reason: implant failure due to ignoring dentist`s advice during rehabilitation period

Your patient should be aware of steps of dental implantation and about special care during rehabilitation period. He or she also should be ready for this surgery.

Implants disintegration could be result of patient ignorance of such rules:

  • Follow all the rules about post-surgical care
  • Avoid solid food
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking after implantation
  • Avoid sports and other physically demanding
  • Avoid sauna, hot bath and overheating.

Remind your patient these rules of care after surgery and make sure that he or she understands the importance of rehabilitation period after implant placement.