Innovations in dental hygiene. Part II

Therapeutical techniques

Nowadays, there are many modern antimicrobials than cannot be implemented because of the incompatibility with the currently accepted instruments. Have you ever thought of the difference between that and the healing you had expected?

Doctors use now endoscopes in many branches of medicine. It is really good that with such sophisticated technologies it is now possible to see many human organs from inside just with the help of a pint-sized camera. However, wouldn’t you like to have such an equipment in your pocket when you work, for instance? You have definitely thought of that at least once in your life and now the scientists have made it possible.

DentalView dealt with streamlining a special endoscope for periodontal use within many years. The recent version is characterized by numerous particularities – the tool is smaller and its screen is significantly larger and thinner. Now, it is possible to see what is going on just with a small camera inside the pocket. The fiber optic and camera can zoom the image up to 40 times. The DV2 Perioscopy system can be regulated for the curette (the most appropriate option is definitely O’Hehir Curette), or supersonic tip. The whole system is also flushed with water for the better visibility (light as well).

However, experts were disappointed to find out that 7 of 8 patients have periodontal diseases. When a patient comes to the appointment and you detect the disease, what would you do next: do away with the inspection and instantly start to plan the further treatment of the or keep inspecting to check the areas you have not seen yet? Would you immediately tell these people that they are in need of the corresponding medical treatment? Next time when a patient asks you for such an inspection, imagine that you are able to see these infected zones at the end of the visit just for a few minutes. If the patient does not mind and meets the situation with understanding, you can offer him or her this perioscopic curing method to achieve better outcomes at the end of the treatment.

This is actually only the first step in the odontology hygiene. It is the high time to remain on the cutting edge with the world and be aware of all the novelties in the technical aspect. This novelty is so amazing and so promising that we can hardly realize how it is going to be in 10 years. Probably, we will not even recognize it anymore. Being a hygienist is great!