Implants failure: 6 main reasons. Part 3

#3 cause of implants disintegration: orthopedic protocol nonobservance


This can be caused by such factors as:

  1. 1. Inadequate loading during implantation surgery

One of implant failure reasons is improper loading to the denture made during denture treatment. This is a key stage of implantation treatment. Wrong abutment fixing leads to bacteria cluster appearance inside denture that can cause tissue inflammation and even peri-implantitis. In order to fix the abutment in proper position it is necessary to allocate loading to the implant body.

How to avoid mistake:

  • To define adequate screw loading in advance
  • To allocate the loading in the base of implant construction and abutment angle


2. Mistake in choosing permanent orthopedic structure

Please remember about correct choosing of permanent orthopedic structure, which will be fixed on implants. When choosing, it is necessary to consider every clinical case. For these dentists usually do x-ray examination. In order to find out the number of implants correctly, you should rely on clinical case, implants size and design. Pay attention that wide implants can overcome bigger loading than systems with slim design because square of bone contact is increased.  So the implants design should be chosen to accord to patient bone tissue type.  

How to avoid mistakes:

  • Chose orthopedic structure type wisely;
  • Place dental bridges on implants only in case there are necessary numbers of dental implants that can support it properly.  

Avoid dangerous mistakes – read more in the next part of this article!