Osseointegration for beginners

The process of dental implants healing is different from the healing process of donor organs, because they are of different nature. In the case of donor organs it is very important to have biocompatibility.  But in the case of dental implant the process of osseointegration is very important. It is a process of interaction between the bone tissue and the implant surface.  With the help of special porous structure  osseointegration can be achieved .

In practice, osseointegration on the lower and the upper jaw is slightly different due to different bone structure. After the implant a  prosthesis is made. Chewing pressure  stimulates the growth of bone tissue, which prevents the possibility of a bone recession.

The final osseointegration comes only after 18 months.

There are  various materials for dental implants. Implants are usually made from  bioinert and bioactive materials. It is important to note that steel is not used for dental implant manufacture.

The implants with a porous structure performed the best osseointegration results. Great stability can be achieved by the penetration of hard tissue into the pores of the implant.

That is one of the reasons why Bio3 uses such a surface for dental implants.  There are many advantages of Bio3 implants like longevity and full osseointegration.  The special shape of the implant helps not to damage the bone structure during the surgery. This also helps to reduce the time of  surgery stage. With high-quality implants, you provide a beautiful smile and self-confidence for life to your patient.