Platform switching for beginners

Today dental implantation is a great solution for both patients and dentists.

For many professional dentists osseointegration is not an issue anymore. But what about long-term results?

We know that platform switching between abutment and implant can significantly increase the chances to save hard tissue. In addition, it has a great impact to long-term success of dental implantation.

Current data showed that the thickness of soft tissue is much more important for great result. Lack of soft tissue can result in cortical bone reduction. However, in case of good amount of soft tissue platform switching is a big deal for saving the amount of cortical bone with minimum remodeling.

The main factor of success is correlation between the size of soft tissue near natural tooth and dental implant. Natural tooth has the soft tissue index of thickness and highness 1:1,5 because it has 3 sources of blood circulation: bone, paradontium and periosteal coverage. In case of dental implant this index is 1,5:1 because there is no paradontium.

Platforms switch in Bio3 dental implants can ensure long-term success of the implantation. Moreover, because of the ideal tight connection of the abutment and the implant there is great bacterial impermeability. Particular attention should be paid to the Bio3 surface systems. They are made to satisfy the highest standards in dental implantology. All advantages of Bio3 implants guarantee the impeccable survival. Each dentist must think about the health of his or her patients, and with Bio3 implants it becomes much easier.