Unwind Implant Screw? Let’s solve this problem!

Dental implants placement is considered to be very complicated process and sometimes the screw of the implant unwinds. This may be caused by many occasions like mistakes during implantation and defective products. But how to deal with unwound screw? In this article we will find the most effective ways how to eliminate this problem. 

Oral surgeons said that the only way to solve this issue with cement fixation is to do a screw fixation. For this it is necessary to clean the way for screw placement, but during the process you may face with some difficulties.

Sometimes a patient removes crown together with abutment that was poorly fixed on dental cement. It happens because of low-quality of crown or bad approximal contacts. Thus, to do screw retention you can operate outside the oral cavity.  

Making a screw hole according to the instruction:

  • Play attention to water irrigation, which will help you to avoid ceramics fractures.
  • Use diamond drills with medium granularity in order to drill ceramics and subframe. For subframe you can use carbide bur that is usually used for crown removing.
  • Determine the position of screw on occlusion with the help of antero-posterior X-ray.
  • Take into account that in case of different approximal crown contacts and unwound screw, you should work in the patient’s oral cavity. In order to simplify this task you can use standard microscope.

Remember that unwound implant screw does not result in fail of implantation. In order to eliminate this issue, you should change cement fixation to screw fixation.