Vertical alveolar ridge augmentation top 4 useful tips

Everyone knows that dentist makes decision according to previous experience and level of competence. For example, a dentist- beginner will hardly proceed immediate implantation unlike experienced dentists, because such surgery carries fewer problems and risks.

With modern technology, it is possible to carry out the alveolar ridge augmentation in any part of the jaw.

Many dentists think that the vertical alveolar ridge augmentation is one of the most difficult osteoplastic operations. However, is it true?

Dental implantologist with no previous experience can offer several alternative ways including dentures, basal implantation and the alveolar ridge. However, each of these methods has its drawbacks.

Removable prosthesis leads to a deterioration of the entire dentition.

Basal plastic can cause many problems with hygiene and gingival. In addition, this way is very inconvenient and unreliable.

If you offer the patient to restore atrophied alveolar ridge volume and to follow install standard-sized implant, your patient is doomed to complicated surgeries and long-term rehabilitation.

With alveolar ridge augmentation a dentist is often faced with significant atrophy of bone tissue, especially in the height of the bone and mucosal deficit.

What are the secrets of successful vertical alveolar ridge augmentation?

– The operation is performed using autologous transplantation of bone from the mandibular branch and then fixed with screws. That way the maximum positive result may be achived.

– I t is likely that empty space can be formed under the bone block. You should fill this space with osteoplastic material taken from the same area as the bone block. In addition, it is advised to use barrier membrane.

– Remember that even the bone block can be atrophied and after 3 months, there will be only 60% left. Concidering that problem, the dentist should use more that enough bone block. It is important to choose the right high of bone block because the patient can damage post-surgical area with upper teeth.

– Do not forget about the quality of suture. Other way there is a risk of bone recession.

Now you know the basic principles of Vertical alveolar ridge augmentation so you can prove your reputation of professional dentist.