Bio3 Case : edentulous in 11 and 21 teeth

A patient reached out to dental clinic with casual case of edentulous in 11 and 21 teeth after many useless consultations by other dentists.

The main difficulty was in lack of hard tissue. The patient has thin and sulcated rige with convergence apexes of lateral incisors in the implantation zone and wide incisive canal. That was the main reasons why other dentists refused to make an implantation to that patient.
After evaluating all the risks, the dentists have decided to make prostheses, however, the patient said that implantation is better. After informing the patient about all the consequences and difficulties of such surgery and rehabilitation period, the dentist began to choose the implant that will help to achieve best result with minimum numbers of risks.

Choosing an implant system

The computer tomography showed the bone tissue of third type. For that reason, it was decided to use an implant with aggressive design. When the lack of space in implicational part was found, the dentist decided to use dental implant Bio3 Progressive that has narrowed and rounded apex with aggressive anterior design.

Operation report

The lack of hard tissue gave the dentists the idea to use the method of splitting and stretching bone without drills, except the pilot drill.

After stretching and implant placement, the dentist found the defect in palatal that
was eliminated with the help of bone material .