Bio3 case report: first molar restoration with bone regeneration allomaterial

Dental implantation is considered one of the options to help patients with partial edentulous. Further dental treatment require careful studying of each individual clinical situation. In addition, it is important to take into account all the conditions that could result in implant rejection.

It is known that molars teeth have two or three roots. One dental implant in this area creates certain risk, because the number of implants is less than the number of natural tooth roots.

To reduce such risk, dentists usually use implants of large-diameter have a wide prosthetic platform, or two medium-diameter implants.

Moreover, during implantation dentists should take into account some local factors associated with some risks of graft rejection. Such risks include the immediate load after the infected extraction and use of short implants instead of long ones.

In this clinical case, the patient lost first molar and has second molar with indications for extraction. After second molar extraction, dentist formed an implant bed and placed Bio3 implants. Then the dentist put bone chips in wound and covered it with membrane.