Case report of first molars restoration with Bio3implant

Most patients usually expect not only optimal aesthetic from orthopedic treatment but also long-term functional results. For this reasons, dental implantation have become increasingly popular procedure. Successful dental implantation requires such parameters as the optimal implant position, adequate quality and quantity of hard tissue, identifying pathology type and other aspects that determine the tissue healing.

What cases require the lost tooth restoration?

Some clinical case of lost tooth do not require restoration procedure. First, the patient must determine the functional importance of lost tooth in order to decide about dental implantation procedure. Then, the dentist should evaluate all the possible harm from complications during implantation surgery.

Clinical sase: The patient came with absence of several posterior teeth. After bone volume evaluation, it was decided to restore such defect with dental implant by Bio3. For adequate restoration in molar area, the dentist decided to use dental implant with large diameter. After cutting of soft tissues, dentist formed an implantation bed where he placed the implant and sutured the wound.