Case report of full edentulous maxilla (part 1)

In daily practice, many dentists often faced with cases of patient's dentition full recovery.

Full edentia  can cause not only dissatisfaction with aesthetic, but also difficulty during the meal.

The implantation is an effective method to solve the problem of partial and full edentulous.

It is necessary install the optimal number of implant for every clinical case. In addition, you should decide do the patient have the sufficient amount of bone tissue.

There are several ways to restore the dentition: all on four (denture is set on 4 implants), the installation of the implant for each tooth, also basal and classical implantation (6-8 implants). The wishes of the patient can give the dentist understanding about his further actions.

Experienced dentists claim that the installation of 8 implants to the maxilla and 6 to the mandible is a highly durable solution. Nevertheless, bone augmentation is applicable in cases of insufficient bone volume. Additional operations should be conducted on order to increase bone volume in the area of the bottom of the maxillary sinus. Than you can install the dental implants of required length with no problems.

Case report 

In this case, professor Dr. Tayfun GÜNBAY managed to place 8 to the maxilla and 6 to the mandible.

The operation was started with sinus lift surgery, both on the right and on the left side of the maxilla  Osteoplastic material was placed between the bone and the mucosa of the maxillary sinus. This solved the problem of insufficient amount of bone tissue.

Then, using burs the implants beds were formed. After thak step dentist installed implants Bio3. Bio3 implant has micropores on the surface that form a complex multi-level embossed. This greatly increases the area of osseointegration of implant.  In addition, it creates favorable conditions for closer interaction with the bone implant. That way patient extirience rapid osseointegration of dental implants.

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