A patient who was dissatisfied with aesthetic of denture reached out to Dr. Tayfun GÜNBAY.

After successful implantation on the maxillary, the second step was to place 6 implants on the mandibular.   For this clinical case 6 implants was best solution for stable fixing of full prosthesis of dental arcade. After evaluation of hard tissue condition on the lower jaw Bio3 Advanced implants of different diameter and high were chosen.   Implants of 8 mm high were placed in premolar zone. In anterior zone the dentist placed implants of 13 mm high. Like in previous case, the dentist applied standard protocol by Bio3 Implants. After implants were placed, the dentist put allogenic osteoplastic material for bone regeneration Beta Bone and stitched the wound. The follow up visit have showed that Bio3 Implants have great osseointegration. With full mouth reconstruction, the patient has regained the beautiful smile and self-confidence.