Clinical case Bio3: Immediate implantation of anterior teeth on lower jaw

In 1976 Schulte W. and Heimke A. made first successful immediate implant surgery when they placed aluminum oxide ceramic implant in socked of extracted tooth.

In 1989 the German Society of Dental Medicine in attempted to create recommendations for dentists on immediate implantation. In the final protocol it was said that the immediate implantation is recommended for single-root teeth reconstruction.

The time passed, however the issue of immediate implantation is still relevant in the scientific dental community. Moreover, the idea of this approach, contraindications and indications has significantly changed.


Case report

The patient is partially edentulous both jaws came to Nazik Oruç (Turkey) seeking for dental treatment. He wanted to improve his oral health together with aesthetic look.

After checkup and X-ray the result, it was decided to carry out an immediate implantation of anterior teeth in the lower jaw using implants by Bio3 implants.

Dentist Nazik Oruç removed 5 of the front teeth, and then started to format implant bed using Bio3 implants surgical kit. After drilling, the dentist placed two Bio3 Advanced implants and sutured the wound.