Implantation on the maxilla through the use of Bio3 Progressive Implants

Recently, Dr. Joseph Choukroun developed a new technological process for using platelet-rich fibrin, PRF-membranes, in medicine, especially in dentistry.

The sphere of using these membranes is quite varied. Fibrin is used for:

  • Sinus lifting;
  • Soft and bone tissue transplantation;
  • Rapid healing of sockets of the removed teeth;
  • Gingiva augmentation;
  • Flap surgery;

The preference of using PRF-membranes is undisputed. Consequently, it is unsurprisingly that Dr. Yuri Bondar had used this technological process for dental implantation through the use of Bio3 Implants in the clinical case described below.

As we can see from the photocase, Doctor has inserted two implants, used osteoplastic material for the augmentation of the bone tissue, then placed a PRF-membrane, applied a barrier membrane and stitched the wound.