Placement of Bio3 Implant and Bio3 Bone in #11 tooth

It is a common knowledge that today there are no borders for dental implantation. The dentists used to orient on hard tissue quantity but now the lack of hard tissue is not an issue. The successful implantation depends on previous planning which should be conducted under strict control. It would be better for dentists to use computer diagnostics while planning. This case report presents a patient who wants to improve his smile. After C.T it was decided to extract #11 tooth and to place dental implant after 4 weeks.

Dentist made an incision then detached the flaps along the crest of the alveolar bone and made an implant bed. It was reasonable to use Bio3 Implant diameter 3.8 and 13 length for that clinical case.

For hard tissue augmentation of the implant the doctor used the Bio3 Bone and allogeneic osteoplastic material in arvioli area of implant bed. After the membrane placement, the wound was sewed up.