A new fixation method for dental implants.

Bio3 Funny pic ImplantsThe main aim of the oral surgeon during implant surgery is to firmly secure the implant to the bone. This is achieved due to different technological solutions either in the construction and design of implants, or by using placement techniques and rules. Thus, successfully osseointegrated and stable implants are important factors for successful implant treatment.

Only after the implant has totally integrated to you bone and you are ready for the prosthetic procedure, traditional implants require 4-6 months to heal, you have the opportunity to evaluate both functional and aesthetic results of implant treatment.

Such features of implant design as a similar shape to the root of a natural tooth, small diameter, screw threads for optimal screwing into the bone, as well as titanium, commonly used as an implant material, and surface features: micro pits, roughness, anodization contribute to the successful implant treatment as well.

However, the best specialists in the dental implant industry continue their research investigations and have already found new options and opportunities to enhance fixation properties. One of these new methods to enhance implant fixation is the technology of a drug coating developed by a group of Swedish scientists that allows titanium posts of an implant to pass all stages of osseointegration much faster and as a result the quality of bone-to-implant integration is much higher.

The scientific development involves a special layer that can be used for surface coating of implant systems. The coating consists of special protein representing a group called bisphosphonates. The thickness of this coating is a few nanometers. Earlier bisphosphonates were largely used for the treatment of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

This new method has been tested, before using in practice. Dozens of implant surgery procedures have been performed, during which neither a dentist nor a patient have been aware of bisphosphonate-coating of implants. The results of these tests were positive, which means we will soon be able to get more improved methods of dental implant restoration. Indeed, rapid and quality osseointegration affects successful outcomes of the whole dental implant procedure. Only a successfully osseointegrated implant can support your replacement teeth, that will last a long time preventing you from having dental problems.

Like any other successful technological solution, this method is considered to be unique which has no analogues in the world, as the lead researcher Dr. Per Aspenberg says.

The specialists of the Bio3 Implants regularly keep up to date with all the new research in the field of implant dentistry, as they also carry out scientific investigations in the research centers of the company. All these innovations help to make dental implants more physiologic and natural and the procedure itself the most common and compulsory.