Advantages of dental implants

Installation of dental implants gives the patients a set of advantages that they do not receive if they order dental prosthetics. Here are some of them:

–  Dental implantation gives a possibility to replace defects of dentition at any length or localization.

–  In case when patient has no natural teeth, implants give a chance to refuse from removable dentures.

–  Dental implants can be used for further installation on them both detachable and not detachable dentures providing good fixation for them. Apart from that, patients get used to detachable prosthesis on an implant better as it has smaller edges and does not feel alien in the mouth.

–  With implant already installed jaw bones are better preserved from destruction and dissolution because in the chewing process the pressure is evenly dispersed.

–  After the implant is installed, the process of chewing gets back to normal, as well as proper work of stomach and guts recovers.

–  Doctor can perform installation of an implant and also produce and set corona on it right after removal of natural tooth that allows you to totally avoid the period with a whole in your dentition.

Преимущества имплантатов Био3

Also pay attention to the fact that from esthetic point of view implant will never differ from your natural teeth as its color, form, design are meticulously picked and projected by specialists.

Bio3 Implants Company guarantees a long age of service for is implants, if a doctor correctly installs them, as all our production receives lifelong warranty.