Aesthetics and biocompatibility – a successful dialog

 Many patients who decided to have dental restoration by the method of dental implantation, consider that its main task is an aesthetic solution to the problem of a beautiful smile. This opinion is supported by the predominant information about dental implants. All this creates a situation where the main criteria of the implant choice become indicators of aesthetic character. Yes, it is very important to choose the right implant optimally suitable for the shape, color, design and size in order to restore a dazzling smile and joy of life. Implant surgeons  also pay a lot of attention to it because a happy, beautiful, healthy patient is the answer to the question about successful implantation. Green apples, smiling happy people, snow-white teeth and bathrobes are motivators for the choice in favor of implantation No. 1.  However, after the first consultation of a good dentist awareness of choice will continue to grow. Understanding and accepting all patient’s wishes, a doctor, however, will choose the implant guided not only by aesthetic criteria.

That is why the implant surgeon will try to inform of the fact  that the main task of dental implantation is still  recovery of  chewing function, proper load distribution, and it means preventing asymmetry of the face, the successful osteointegration, survival and service life, and, as a result, a beautiful smile. So the choice of   implant should be made by a doctor and a patient together, who combining the criteria and requirements, always choose the success of the treatment.  It is important to understand the reason why the dentist recommends you a particular implant system, trust your doctor, ask questions and follow the prescriptions. Even if you feel that this implant is the best and you’ve already decided. Try to hear your doctor and pay attention to all explanations about such key processes of dental implantology as biocompatibility, bone augmentation, bio-tolerant materials. Believe me, your implant surgeon is, primarily, interested in the result of a beautiful and happy smile of the patient.

That is why highly qualified implant surgeons prefer manufacturers – leaders in the field of dental implantology, that not only produce high quality implants, but also can ensure the availability of regular training courses and programs for doctors. Studying the behavior of certain structures in different clinical cases, conditions of survival rate   and the influence of various factors, accumulating experience and knowledge, the doctor works for you. Experts of Bio3 Implants, developing premium implants, take into account all the indicators of the choice of both patients and doctors, finding the perfect union of aesthetics and functional practicability. Only such perfect union, the survey of needs and the use of better technologies multiplied by innovative solutions help to find not a compromise, and the best in the dialogue of doctor-patient.