Beautiful smile is material!

In space research, medicine, even cooking – in all areas where the result depends on many factors at once, and therefore it is very difficult to predict, it is always important to include all possible variants. So it must be serious attitude in the first place to the materials from which the equipment and everything you need to work at all stages is made. In dental implantology the quality of used implant and primarily the quality of the materials from which they are produced is the key element of the successful treatment.

The best material for implants is titanium. This unique material is ideal for the making of dental implants as it is not perceived by the human body as foreign material and it is not destroyed under the influence of the immune system of the surrounding bone tissue. But the most important thing is that titanium can safely grow together with the jaw (mandibullar) bone. These unique properties of titanium has solved the problem of implant failure and made the implantation reliable and durable procedure. However, in very rare cases, when the patient has an allergy to titanium, zirconium oxide or other materials as a base are used for making implants.

All of these characteristics are taken into account when designing implants by professionals of the company Bio3 Implants. Just due to this approach our implants are of high quality and ease of use. Innovative solutions and professionalism help us to make a premium product. Implants Bio3, in which perfect design combined with quality material, allow the dental practitioner to solve any clinical problem connected with implantation, and  to achieve excellent aesthetic results.

But for the best results only titanium is not enough. In order to make the process of osseointegration better and faster, we offer the best implants with a special coating. After having studied all of the technological achievements and developments in this area the most successful solution is the surface of highly crystalline titanium oxide, enriched with phosphate. It is proved that such coating improves factors of fuse (coalescence) with the bone and gives predictable results in the long term.

Titanium implant surface Bio3 is anodized, that is covered with an oxide film. Oxide surface layer has a thickness of 10 to 15 microns. Additionally, the oxide film of titanium is enriched with bioactive polymer-hydroxyapatite calcium, which is actively used for osteoplasty.

All this improves bioactive surface properties of dental implants and allows to create a solid system implant-bone, which consistently interacts and improves the patient’s quality of life, maintaining health and beauty for many years.

Also it should be noted that material is important for implant suprastructure(abutment) as well. Suprastructures are a transitional link between the implant and the crown.

Suprastructures Bio3 are part of a perfectly working system of dental implantation Bio3, which is easy to use and helps the physician to achieve excellent quality and a good aesthetic result.

Thus, high-quality materials – one of the main points of the application of our technologies and professionalism towards the implementation of your decision to have a beautiful smile!