Benefits of bone augmentation for dental implants

Sinus-liftingIf the teeth have been missing for some time can cause the jaw bone atrophy which occurs due to the lack of load transferred on the bone. This case requires bone augmentation or osteoplasty prior to implant placement. This is not a rare situation and Dental implantology has alternative methods for treating  it.

Osteoplasty or other dental implants techniques are required to use in case of jawbone atrophy which leads to  a failure in the  osseointegration  process with a traditional implant technique.  Maxillary sinus can be damaged while placing implants in the upper jaw. This riskfactor exists because the implant system is longer than the height of the alveolar ridge. This causes sinus infection, sinusitis and rhinitis.

Therefore, the decision to build the jaw bone, despite the additional difficulties, has its advantages:

– Even with severeboneatrophy dental implant procedure is possible after bone has been augmented, which means that the range of patients with contraindications to dental implantsis considerably narrowed;

– if  the mandibular nerve in close proximity, bone augmentation  will help to  avoid its damage during dental  implant placement, as its damage can lead to very negative consequences: loss of sensitivity of the tongue and lips,  speech and swallowing problems;

Maxillary sinus floor augmentation or sinus lift makes it possible to implant teeth in the upper jaw with full their full functional and aesthetic restoration.

If the  bone  augmentation procedure required for implant placement, is  not  performed, this may lead to  shifting or  loosening of the teeth and their  subsequent loss. That causes wrinkle formation,  lip retraction,  problems with  mimic, speech and chewing and affects your  digestive system.  Therefore, in many cases,  implantation  is not possible  without  prior  bone augmentation, that is obligatory surgical treatment.There  are many  methods  to increase  bone and each of them allows  to place  implants, regardless of the previous bone condition and  atrophy location.

The main methods to increase bone include: bone block grafting, guided bone regeneration, sinus lifting and osteoplasty. All these methods have their indications and contraindications. They are effective in various clinical situations and   provide  the  standard (classic) implant surgical  protocol  in conditions  initially negative.

Another solution to bone tissue atrophy is dental implant placement with immediate loading when a monolithic one-piece construction, suitable for  immediate loading  prosthesis, is used.

The  company  Bio3 Implants  manufactures dental implants, which may be  placed with or without  bone augmentation. Therefore, your  dentist will always have the choice to make the right decisions in your unique case.