Dental implants: pros and contras

The main rule of evolution says: each new species that predominates existing in a list of characteristics and is more adaptive to the environment supplants older species. In dental practice this rule as well works. When new methods to satisfy patients’ needs in healthy, beautiful and reliable teeth appear old ones slowly but surely are forced out.

Today implantation is that new method. It abides all rules of evolution’s main law – exceeds older methods of replacing lost teeth in quality, durability, reliability, beauty, functionality, and also perfectly adapts to conditions of a modern market – and therefor is demanded more and more by customers.

At the beginning, again a known pattern for new products, dental implantation was very expensive and, as a result, available only for elite top of world’s population. That is why the term “Hollywood smiles” refers to representatives of group in elite society – Hollywood stars. But with time passing more and more people can use this achievement of science and technology to provide themselves with a healthy and beautiful smile and good health condition of mouth cavity.

Almost every person has already heard about the procedure. So we publish this article to inform people about positive and negative sides of implantation because information about new products is usually compromised and distorted.

“Pro” implantation arguments:

1. Good quality implants are really durable. If cared for they can serve you the whole life.

2. When installing an implant the doctor works only in the zone that is immediately concerned. The rest of teeth are totally unaffected by effects of the procedure.

3. Esthetics of an implant is perfect. A completely installed implant is absolutely identical to all natural teeth of a patient.

4. As implantation does not need intrusion to other parts of mouth cavity and does not cover palate all taste sensors save their functions, which brings to an unchanged chewing process and satisfaction from food.

5. If a person does not have any natural teeth, implantation can be a solution of their problem. There is no need in sustentation teeth or anything like that.

6. Caring after the implant includes just regular cleaning with the rest of teeth. Sometimes doctors recommend preventive care visits once or twice per year.


“Contra” arguments:

1. Implantation is performed through a surgery, which is anyway a surgical interference. A little swelling almost always can be seen around the place of where the implant was installed during 1-2 days after operation. A sense of a slight discomfort is also possible on up to 4-5 days after surgery. However, concerning pain it is necessary to point out that modern anesthetic drugs allow to absolutely take any painful feelings off. You can carry on with your regular office duties on the day following the surgery (for more detailed information read article about myths and reality of implantation).

2. Unsuccessfully performed operation on implantation can sometimes cause complications. Please note: in this case doctor’s qualification is the main factor. When choosing the dental clinic, where you want to make implantation, be very thorough and meticulous.

3. Contra-indications. In some cases, dental implantation is absolutely contra-indicated: diabetes, cancer disease, psychological problems. Unfortunately, given situation is stronger than means of helping patients that are currently at doctors’ disposition. In other cases patient has only a temporary contra-indication, which on application to a doctor can be removed on time by them or a patient themselves. It can be, for instance, a thin and crumbly bone tissue, that is supposed to be used for fixation of the implant. Then doctor will offer the patient a course of growing bone tissues, after which the implantation can be performed.

4. Installing implants is comparatively more expensive than other methods of replacing lost teeth. In this question patients have to understand what do they want for themselves. There are cheaper ways but they require more expenses of different kind: time, sacrifice of healthy teeth quality, necessity to regularly change, service and correct denture, what as well requires money. At the same time installation of implants takes more finances, however if cared for correctly, an implant will serve through the whole life.


In conclusion it is worth mentioning that implantology, as a revolutionary and modern science, will with time supplant other methods of replacing lost teeth same way as it happens with rudiments in nature. More people get on the modern way of recovering health, smile and self-assurance in the majority of Western countries, countries of Middle East, League of Arab states, despite comparatively higher prices for the service, than in our country.

The choice is always after you. We just offer guaranteed quality and beauty of smiles!