Disk implants and express dental implant

There are always conditions under which the dental implant must be performed as soon as possible. There is no time or the treatment terms are too limited by some vital events, or there is just a strong desire to do everything very quickly. Well, a modern dental implant has reliable solutions for the most urgent problems.

So the classic technique of the implant placement for such purposes is too long, that is why more sparing technique has appeared, that requires less surgery, a very fast dental implant procedure and the recovery of a perfect smile in just one week.

The newest technique involves the implant installation in one stage. It means the following: after the implant placement there is no need to suture the gum, a healing abutment or a healing cap, however, remains on the surface, and the surgical protocol is called one-stage  or non-surgical dental implant procedure,  as the implant placement does not require the gum incision. This technique has a lot of names – synonyms: non-submerged, bloodless, nonsuture, fast, immediate, instant, and, finally, express dental implants. All of these names prove its rapidity and   atraumatic function, since an implant is placed in a trans-gingival way through a small puncture in the gum. That is why the healing abutment remains above the surface and the crown is attached to him.

Screw implants for the express dental implant procedure are not suitable because they require a two-stage implant placement protocol and the sufficient bone volume. Therefore, the optimal response to the demands of instant one-stage dental implant procedure have become disk implants.

Disk implants are used for dental prosthetics in short terms, and the height of the alveolar process is not important for them, as their shape is suitable for the most complex cases, when the bone tissue is just not enough for other types of implants. Disk implants and express dental implant procedure   have become the way out for patients who do not like long-term prosthetics. So when fully edentulous the classical dental implant procedure requires 4-6 surgical interventions for 1.5 years. While disk implants enable to complete the whole process of treatment for 5-7 days.

As any other method of dental implant procedure, the disk implant placement requires a well-considered and qualified decision of the specialist during the consultation, it is important for the patient to undergo a preliminary examination and diagnostics in order to determine indications and contraindications, weigh the pros and cons.

Indications for the express dental implant procedure are:

– Traumatic injury of the tooth, which is deep in the gum tissue;

– If necessary, the dental implant procedure is performed immediately after the tooth extraction;

– Dental prosthetics, which is important to do urgently;

– An alternative to the treatment of severely damaged teeth, when extracting them;

– Fully edentulous

The express dental implant procedure has also enough contraindications, but the effect of some contraindications can be reduced by pre-treatment. The dentist will let the patient know about the contraindications, which are unconditional obstacle to this method of the dental implant procedure, during the first consultation and suggest alternatives of the smile and health restoration.