Do I need antibiotics for dental implants?

The treatment process by means of dental implants – a full surgical procedure, which requires a careful preparation, the diagnostic examination and careful post-operative care. Even the smallest incision of soft tissue is a signal to the development of both inflammatory and healing (reparation) processes after injury. Both of these processes are intended to prevent the penetration of microbes inside the body, and to fight against those who have already penetrated into the open wound. Inflammation – is a start of a wide range of immune reactions in the form of local temperature rise, edema and migration of lymphocytes to the wound, these are cells, which prevent the penetration of infection.

Therefore, on the one hand to suppress the inflammation is not quite right, it is important for the organism to fight with the infection at the site of surgery. However, very often a patient feels worse not from the possible infection but from inflammatory reactions, the development of which may worsen the general condition of the whole organism. That is why an implantologist prescribes antibiotics postoperatively. This is especially important when the immune system can not cope with the inflammation (pain, edema, redness) and it is impossible to stop the infection.

Thus, the use of antibiotics is a part of mandatory recommendations after the dental implant procedure to prevent any complications and it is one of the conditions for the successful treatment. Non-observance of these prescriptions can cause serious suppurative inflammation of tissue and implant failure, and thus bring the whole process of treatment to nothing.

The doctor is guided by the following points, prescribing postoperative therapy:

– To prevent the development of the infection at the site of surgery;

– To make the healing process quick, painless and without any complications.

Antibiotics help to achieve all these goals and they are selected individually for each unique case, prescribed according to all results of the preliminary laboratory diagnostics of the state of the body before the dental implant procedure. In addition, if the surgical interference is minimal, antibiotic therapy according to the physician may not be prescribed, but it is decided individually. While taking the drug, it is important to follow all instructions in any case not to change the duration of the course and dosage. The doctor is sure to find out the possible allergic reactions to the drug before the prescription and select the appropriate antibiotic in your case. When any negative reactions from the body have arisen after taking the drug, you should immediately consult a doctor, because no one is immune from the development of the allergic reaction at all. Then the drug is necessary to change or cancel the prescription of the antibiotic at all.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants always provide informational support to the implantologists, they cooperate with. Therefore they recommend to follow strictly all the prescriptions of the doctor, to take care of the health in the postoperative period, to take probiotics along with antibiotics to prevent the development of dysbiosis which can be caused by antibiotics, not to buy drugs without a detailed translation of their instructions, as they may not have a certification. In turn, the company Bio3 Implants guarantees high quality and reliability of implants, their successful osseointegration and durability.