Effective methods to create a space of trust

Specialists of Bio3 Implants as representatives of the leading company in the field of dental implantology are ready to response frequently asked questions about the methods of prosthetics and dental implants with great interest. And it is quite understandable: who gives the better answer than the professionals, most innovative solutions, thanks to the successful cooperation with dental practitioners, restored self-confidence, joy of life and the health to many patients.

Modern methods used in dental implantation, firstly take into account the wishes and demands of each person to maintain health. It is not surprising that even such criteria as figure proportion, health of almost all organs and systems and resistance to stress and diseases depend on properly selected method of dental imlantation. You ask how it can be. The answer is simple. All of these factors directly depend on a healthy diet and proper metabolism. And what healthy diet can be discussed about if there are some defects of the dentition. Even a little inconvenience of food processing still in the mouth cavity will create a closed circle: eating disorders, metabolic disorders, weight problems and figure proportion, stress, diseases.

Taking into account the synthesis of medical knowledge of the organism and comprehensive study how  these factors influence  on the life quality  of a person  in need of dental implants,  modern implant dentistry offers implants of the company  Bio3 Implants, designed for all methods which are used for qualitative dental implantation in modern dentistry. Nowadays there are several classifications of these methods:

1.  Methods of implantation according to the location of the implant in the soft and hard tissues are following:

– Intramucosal implantation.

– Submucous (submucosa) implantation

– Subperiosteal implantation.

– Intraosseous-subperiosteal implantation

– Endoosseous -intraosseous implantation.

– The intraosseous implantation

These methods differ in evident defect of the jawbone or palate tissue, and how far the condition of the mucous tissue allows deep penetration and fixing of the implant in its  environment. It means that only your dentist can determine the required method in each individual case after preliminary consultation and examination. But it does not prevent you from learning more about any of these methods at the stage of deciding on dental implantation.

Depending on the location of the defect, the thickness and height of the osseous tissue on the implant there are blade-vent, screw and transosteal implants.

2. There are also methods of dental implantation according to the number of steps required in the process of healing period.

– One-stage dental implantation – implant inserted in one step.

– Two-stage dental implantation – implant survival period is required during the installation process, build up component visible in the oral cavity is possible only after it (second stage).

Of course, each of these methods has its advantages and it is preferred in a particular clinical situation, a dentist will introduce you with all details of each method. We draw your attention to the fact that the company Bio3 Implants cooperates only with the best specialists in the field of dental implantology, visiting them is a guarantee of your health.