Fast and Fixed dental implant technique

Implants DentistsFast and Fixed dental implant technique is quite a new direction in the treatment of patients with atrophy of the jaw bone. This involves restoring the functionality of teeth by   placing immediate denture after the implant insertion in 24 hours. Patients, despite severe atrophy, become the owner of implant –supported fixed bridge constructions on the same day even without increasing bone volume.  Traditional dental implants require osteoplasty and complete osseointegration for placing dentures in 4 or 6 months.

This became possible due to special dental implants that can be placed even with insufficient bone volume.  Dental implantologists recommend this dental implant technique to patients with moderate bone atrophy. It is also suitable for patients who do not want to have  bone augmentation procedure or it is contraindicated to  them;  patients, who do not want to have conventional dentures or  implant-supported dentures  and those who are  not allowed to perform the  conventional procedure.

Fast and Fixed dental implants procedure provides the  restoration of all the teeth in the upper and lower jaws  using  bridges supported by  4 or 6 implants of  special type: combination of  axial and inclined implants. This is a one -stage procedure with immediate loading that saves the patient’s money and time and minimizes the number of surgical procedures.

Thus, the Fast and Fixed technique is another option of all on four implants or   All-on-four.  The main factors affecting the success of such techniques are the primary implant stability and proper and uniform load distribution on a temporary construction when chewing. However, it is important to understand that dental implantologists must have enough experience and take seriously the planning of surgical procedures considering all the indications and contraindications in order to reduce the risk of complications to a minimum.

When planning the procedure it is important to undergo all the necessary medical examinations and laboratory tests, CT scan and X-rays and consult with other medical specialists.  All these actual examination procedures help to evaluate the bone health and  proper positioning of  future implants in the most accurate way.

The main features of Fast and Fixed technique are the following:

-Immediate restoration using implant-supported prosthetics;

-less traumatic, because it does not require several surgical procedures;

-lower cost of dental implant treatment due to fewer surgical procedures;

-dental implant prosthetic options which depend on the location of implants and their number, and therefore the possibility to influence the cost of the whole procedure;

-a wide range of implants and abutments;

-only one visit to realize long-term successful outcomes.

Thus, the specialists of the company Bio3 Implants, the manufacturing company of high quality dental implants, advise to use new techniques without any doubt to improve the quality of life, restore the health of teeth and beauty of your smile. Both professional experience of dental implantologists and high demands of the company of Bio3 Implants to their products ensure the success of any implant procedure.