How expensive are dental implants today?

cost-of-dental-implants-priceAt last you have decided to place dental implants and your dentist has built your unique treatment plan but there is one significant question left: how much does it cost? It is a key question in many aspects, despite the indications for dental implants and a wide choice of materials, because much depends on price- quality ratio in the dental implant market, which is becoming more democratic.

Since dental implants are largely a set of modern sophisticated technologies that dentistry has accumulated over a long period of its development, the full cost of your treatment will vary. The fact is that the price of the whole procedure consists of a number of interrelated factors.

The final price for the whole procedure can be approximate because of possible changes during surgery or additional procedures caused by a particular reaction to dental implants. Much depends on the choice of the technique, the total time required for treatment, bone grafting procedure, if necessary, the cost of implants and auxiliary materials to them. It is also important to consider the payment for the professional dental service, subsequent medical consultation and examination.

Thus, it becomes clear why it is impossible to give an exact answer about the price for the whole treatment process. However, at the very beginning of the planning stage of dental implant treatment you can be assured that the price you pay for implants suitable for you will not vary. The company Bio3 Implants manufactures premium dental implants, which guarantee that all the stages of implant treatment will be easy and painless, the work of the implant surgeon will be comfortable, and the result will be predictably successful. Minimum number of complications helps to keep additional costs at a minimum.

What other factors influence the total cost of the procedure?

1. Each surgical procedure includes the preparation of the surgical field, in this case – oral cavity. The preparatory stage involves diagnostic tests, x-ray images or computed tomography scan, the treatment of inflammatory diseases and the reduction risks of infection.

2. Bone augmentation or osteoplastic procedure, if required.

3. The procedure of implant placement and attachment of all its constituent elements.

4. The procedure of placing healing abutment and medical supervision during osseointegration and healing processes.

5. Manufacture casting molds or design and simulation of dental prostheses which performed by dental technicians taking into account the advice of the orthopedic physician. It is important to choose a good team of dental specialists, in order not to pay for the mistakes of other specialists with lower qualification level.

6. The selection of the abutment, that attaches the crown “of the tooth” to the implant.

7. The cost of the prosthesis and its components.

8. Long-term and careful medical supervision of the patient in the postoperative period. Surgical instructions for home care after implant surgery.

All these stages have their own price and the specialists of the company Bio3 Implants recommend to take a balanced approach to the financial costs for dental implant treatment, and you will compensate your money costs with high-quality implants.