How long does the typical recovery take after implant placement?

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Placement of dental implant, though quick and simple, is still a surgical procedure, which includes rehabilitation therapy for patients. At this time there is a number of both physiological and biochemical reactions occurring in the cells, which affect all processes from initial implant stability to long-term osseointegration.

Therefore, it is very important in this period, as well as during the whole process of implant treatment to strictly follow all of your doctor’s recommendations and instructions. How long does this period usually last? And how to determine that recovery is considered fully complete after implant placement?

The fact is that the question about the time needed for osseointegration is still debatable. Because each dentist working with implants has the experience, which was formed under the supervision of the implant osseointegration process in a large number of patients with very different initial clinical situations. And every dentist has an opinion on that particular subject. The amount of healing time required for osseointegration can be different in different patients using various dental implant techniques. However, it takes, on average, from 2 to 6 months. Early loading of implants can lead to their rapid destruction and failure. Therefore, no dentist will be unreasonable to rush to load the implant.

It is important to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs immediately after the placement of implants in the postoperative period, which lasts until a complete disappearance of discomfort associated with surgery, namely pain, swelling, hematoma on the surgical site. This will speed up the healing period and shorten the total time of treatment after implantation. It is recommended to take a leave in order to have enough time and freedom to stay at home and undergo the entire course of treatment in comfortable environment. As for the placement of prosthetic restorations, you should add to your schedule frequent visits to the dentist and rest after that.

Of course, every patient tolerates surgery differently, both physically and psychologically. Somebody needs a few days to “collect yourself”, the support and home peace, someone is ready to return to work or an active lifestyle in an hour. However, dentists advice not to yield to only subjective feelings and spend several days without physical and emotional stress, but not to fall into excessive anxiety and isolation.

You should remember that overheating is harmful in the early rehabilitation period and you need to apply the cold for a few days after implant placement. It will not only speed up the healing process, but also reduce pain and the risk of swelling. You should refuse from flights in the near future as well especially if you had a sinus lift procedure.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants consider that if you follow all of your doctor’s instructions and recommendations, you will go through the rehabilitation period quickly and painlessly and will not remember in several months that your natural teeth have been restored using implants.