How to reduce the risk of implant failure prior to surgery

Профилактика неудачной имплантации еще до установки имплантата.Many factors, which satisfy both the patient and the dentist, affect successful outcomes of dental implants. And if the patient can stop smoking and adjust treatment of chronic disease together with the therapist in order to bring it to the compensated state, the durability and reliability of dental implants are guaranteed.

Surgical skills and extensive experience in providing dental implant surgery, post-operative monitoring of the patient and regular dental check-ups are the main conditions required for the success of dental implants. The long-term success of the prosthetic work depends primarily on the professional skills demonstrated by dental technicians and their responsible approach to the work. One more factor of the successful outcome is high-quality dental imaging equipment.

Thus, preventive measures to avoid implant failure and biomechanical complications must be taken at the planning stage of implant treatment. Such aspects as a thorough physical exam to evaluate the patient’s health condition, a trust-based patient-doctor relationship and clarity and accuracy of all the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions affect the outcome as well. Another important aspect of effective dental implant treatment is the greatest possible cooperation within the team of dental specialists. It is possible, of course, to undergo implant treatment in one clinic and prosthetic rehabilitation in another, but you will have more problems. Even at a surgical stage of implant placement, it is important to understand that both the prosthodontist and dental technician consider to place a particular type of dental restoration and abutment.

Indeed, in some situations, superstructures can compensate incorrect positioning, placement depth or inclination of the implant, that is, to prevent future implant-prosthetic problems which must be solved by both the dental technician and prosthodontist in cooperation with the dental implantologist.

Namely in these cases that are not so rare, good teamwork of dental professionals leads to the prevention of problems, not to the solution of the problems already appeared. Actually dental implants are a “team game”, because the patient is in a close contact with the doctor and the doctor – with the manufacturer of the implants.

An experienced dental implantologist will always choose high-quality implants, knowing that in this case implant manufacturers are also ready to take responsibility for the quality of their work. Cooperating with the same implant manufacturers, a dental implantologist is sure that they will not disappoint him. As for the doctor- patient relationship during the postoperative period, it is important to follow all the doctor’s appointments, that is, the patient needs to understand the necessity of his actions to provide dental care.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants consider that it is possible to avoid misunderstanding between the patient and the doctor and  prevent errors in treatment if strictly follow not only surgical and medical rules but principles of ethics and deontology of the relationship between dental specialists and patients.