Immediate implantation – trend or a desire?

Immediate implantation is a trend or a desire to maintain a way of life?

Unfortunately, it is not a rare occasion in clinical dentistry when despite of the whole arsenal of modern methods of treatment  the tooth must be removed. And if it’s a tooth in the smile line? Such loss causes severe stress and challenges our habitual way of life, psychological balance and health of the organism as a whole. After all, communication, work, plans and dreams has not been canceled! Therefore urgent and necessary in this case would be the method of immediate implantation of a tooth when the implant is placed immediately after tooth extraction without waiting for healing.

Several years ago, this method was not only doubtful, but actively objectionable by implant surgeons, as it was believed that it was impossible to create the implant exactly reproducing  the root of the extracted tooth, and therefore  the possibility of fitting of restoration, breach of the implant survival rate and integration in the tissue would  remain. However, clinical experiments have demonstrated the falsity of this view and nowadays almost immediate implantation is a trend in dental implantology. So, in order to accelerate implant treatment and not to limit the fullness of life, patients tend to immediate implant placement and do not to wait 1-2 months. And what about the doctors? Of course, the dentist is able to reduce the time of treatment, because in this case it will be possible to avoid atrophy of bone, which always occurs as soon as the tooth is removed and the bone is “switched off” from work. But….

A good dentist will be guided only by your health protection, and realizing all your arguments he will take this decision, only if it is reasonable and necessary. It will be important for him   to determine the condition of the bone tissue, the presence or absence of inflammatory process in the tooth socket, factors of survival rate and integration of the implant-bone system.

To decide whether you need the immediate implantation the dentist will be able only after tooth removal. So, the success depends on the professionalism of the dentist and how badly the bone tissue is damaged by previous inflammatory process

It is also important to consider the patient’s state of health: immune and bone systems, local clinical – x-ray picture. That is why the decision of immediate implant placement will be made only after a thorough pre-examination and study of the laboratory diagnostics rates. As  any medical procedure, the immediate implant placement has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications, conditions under which  the implantation is necessary to do only in such  way and  conditions , when it is possible in any other way  but  not only in this one. But despite of the general conclusions, only a doctor takes such decision and in each unique case criteria selection are also individual.  Quality and type of implants can also be considered as one of these factors. The company Bio3 Implants has developed a whole range of implants for immediate implantation. They have the best form, made of high quality titanium, which improves the survival rate of the implant and which is suitable for socket of   just dropped out tooth and a porous surface.

Well, taking into account the possibility of choice and if y our dentist does not object, the immediate implantation is the best option to maintain health without changing lifestyle.