Implant restoration of fully edentulous jaws

Implant restoration of fully edentulous jaws. Nothing is impossible!

Unfortunately, the complete absence of teeth or edentia can cause a lot of troubles at the age far from old. The reasons influenced the loss of the entire dentition can be different, but the consequences are always the same. The failure of an effective process of chewing, and thus digestive disorders, psychological and aesthetic discomfort, articulation reduction, changes of the face shape and a number of other problems sometimes make life very bleak and inharmonic. Over the years, the only possible option to restore all of these functions was with the help of non-fixed prosthetics. As a result of the rapid and successful development of dental implantology today, one of the best options of prosthetics in case of fully edentulous jaws is implant prostodontics. Why is this option better? What problems can be solved with implant prostodontics?

Firstly, the problem of bone atrophy in the absence of teeth is solved due to implants. Prosthetic – driven implant placement in strictly defined points allows to distribute loading evenly during chewing, and stops further bone resorption.  Removable denture can not provide it as it does not have “roots” in its structure, i.e. can not transfer loading directly on bone. It causes a further reduction of bone volume and   problems of prosthesis stability while speaking and eating. Also when chewing the loading   falls on the soft gum tissue beneath the prosthesis and often causes rubbing and inflammation. However, dental implantology coped with such problems in several ways, beginning with single tooth implantation, application of dental bridges, as well as removable implant-supported prostheses. Thus, dental implantology has various types and methods of recovery of lost teeth with fully edentulous.

– Full dental implant procedure. 12-14 teeth are implanted in the upper and lower jaws. The method is suitable for adequate bone volume. It is an expensive treatment. It is important to be cautious during the surgery, as there is a number of nerves that can be damaged.

– Implant- supported  dental bridges. The method of combination of fixed dental bridges and implantation. It is one of the most acceptable treatment options with fully edentulous. Since the costs are reduced and the efficiency of the recovery of the dentition with a small number of implants on both aesthetic and the functional aspects of the question, meets patient’s expectations.

– Dental prosthetics using only four or two implants. Different kinds of restoration of removable and fixed dental bridges with limited capacity of bone- implant healing.

– Mini dental implants for removable prosthetics. The indication is the failure of bone augmentation because of its substantial deficiency before dental implant procedure.

Each  method  of dental implant procedure  with  fully edentulous jaws  has its  indications and contraindications, the decision about dental implant procedure  is taken by the dentist  in the process of consultation and examination of the patient, taking into account his health status, clinical situation,  desired  result.

Realizing the patient’s condition with fully edentulous jaws and seeing the results of successful treatment, it is safe to say that nothing is impossible for dental implantology today.