Multiple immediate implant placement

Bio3 Implants
The technique of multiple immediate implant placement, which involves placing several implants immediately after tooth extraction, takes an important place among modern dental restoration techniques. These days it is getting more popular among patients. Why is this dental restoration technique so attractive for patients? What advantages does it have to be an option to choose?

The fact is  that  the conventional technique requires 4-6 months  to achieve a successful implant osseointegration  for prosthetic attachment, and  the  patient must be  under medical supervision of a dental  physician during this  period of time. The immediate placement means that an implant is inserted   immediately after tooth extraction in a few visits to the dentist. Three separate surgical procedures are combined: extraction of the damaged tooth, placement of the implant and insertion of the healing abutment.

Thus, the technique of multiple immediate implant placement preserves bone volume, that means that jaw bone atrophy does not occur in this case compared with delayed technique. So there is no need to perform additional surgery for bone grafting, augmentation orosteoplasty.

All  these  advantages  attract  an increasing number  of  patients,although a few decades ago dental  implant placement   immediately after tooth extraction was considered impossible because of the risk of implant failure(rejection).

Today, this highly efficient  technique  is used, even if necessary to place multiple implant systems,  but it is performed as well as with delayed dental implants only  in  the absence of oral cavity  infection,  after  thorough  preparationof the patient for surgery  including  a full range of medical examinations. There are some conditions that may not allow to perform multiple immediate implant placement. For example, not always  the  freshly extracted  socket is  suitable for placing a dental  implant  or  there are risk factors of  the development of inflammation and bone destruction in the region where the  tooth was removed, or  it is  required  complex multi-component orthopedic treatment after implant placement.

It is important to understand that you should be responsible for choosing the right dental implant specialist, because atraumatic and accurate tooth extraction that is important for implant placement, will depend on his professional level. The quality of implants are of very great importance, therefore you should select the implant system only after the consultation and recommendation of the implant surgeon, who will place you implants.

Patients must undergo a CT scan, consult with a podiatric physician and other medical specialists such as orthodontic and dental therapists, it is also important to reduce the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants remind that multiple immediate implant placement, like any other technique has its indications and contraindications but with proper preparation the successful treatment outcome is guaranteed.  Nowadays this short- time procedure is getting increasingly popular with patients and dental implant specialists as well.