New developments in modern  implant dentistry

New ImplantsWe are always waiting for a great deal from things that have just appeared and are on the of popularity, it seems to us that a cure has been found and this discovery will solve all our problems. The same thing happens to implant dentistry. The fact is that nowadays dental implants are as a panacea for missing teeth in comparison with previous dental restoration methods, which were widely used to replace absent teeth before the invention of dental implants.

Dental implants is the best option to restore tooth function and enhance your smile. The success rates for dental implants are between 98-99%. Dental implants help not only to restore missing teeth but improve life quality and social comfort for many patients. Successful outcomes of implant treatment are achieved due to an individual approach to each patient, a wide selection of high-quality implants and proven techniques, as well as highly qualified dental specialists.

However, even the most advanced achievements of implant dentistry do not prevent scientists from developing new areas of restorative dentistry. If the development course is chosen correctly, dental implants are a very successful development course to replace missing teeth and find the answer to unsolvable problems.

New developments, which are applied in implant dentistry, involve cone-beam computed tomography, intraoral scanners and computer programs that provide 3D reconstruction of anatomical structures of maxillofacial area and simulate implant placement with an absolute accuracy using a laser beam. They also include a new and quite comfortable CAD/CAM technology to fabricate crowns and prostheses in order to correct dentition defects. CAD/CAM systems consist of a milling machine and a scanner that allow to receive digital maps and impressions of teeth. Color digital maps help to choose the color of crowns.

Nowadays automated anesthesia delivery is widely used during surgery. The device allows to make dose regimen of anesthetic required for the patient more gentle, precise and accurate.

Thus, we can say that in implant dentistry as in medicine in general, new technologies are being introduced actively and deal mainly with the computerized dental services in order avoid human error. These new- developed technologies aim to make the result of dental implant treatment more predictable, safe and accurate, and the process of implant placement more painless and comfortable for both the patient and the oral surgeon. Dental implants have really reached a high level of care provided for patients.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants, as manufacturers of high-quality implants on the basis of the latest technologies, believe that the computerized process of implant placement creates a new level of dental implant assistance which will be difficult to compare with the frightening word “surgery”. The procedure of implant placement will be easy and pleasant, based on the achievements of science and the competence of dental specialists.