Nine steps to a new, perfect smile

The first stage: Сonsultation

First, please consult with the doctor and make sure that the dental implantation is the best solution of your problem. Diagnosis: radiography and computed tomography.

1 step to smile

The second stage – The process of rehabilitation on implants and system selection

Doctor chooses rehabilitation system based on a clinical case. Design of the model may be removable, cemented or screwed. In order to select the right system of dental implants, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

• Form and modern implant surface

• Ease of use

• Quality assurance


The third stage – Precision selection

3 step to a perfect smile

Why Bio3 Implants?Because we strive to make the implantation procedure simple, easy and high-quality. Bio3 Implant systems it is:

• Precision tapered connector

• Anodized hydrophilic surface

• German quality and reliability

• Lifetime warranty


The fourth stage – Implant placement

Implant placement is virtually painless procedure, which does not differ from other dental procedures in feelings. The procedure usually lasts not more than 30 minutes.


The fifth stage – Engraftment period

Engraftment period lasts from 3 to 6 months depending on the clinical case. Prosthetic repair of temporary crown on the implant solves the problem of aesthetics. The crown can be installed immediately at the discretion of the physician.


The sixth stage – Gingival forming

Нealing abutment is installed after implantation of the implant, for the period of ten days and serves to further pretreatment prosthetics.


The seventh stage – Remove dental impression7 step to a perfect smile

Removing of dental imprint occurs 10 days after healing abutment installation. The procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes (it depends on the clinical cases). Then the prints are sent to the dental laboratory.


The eighth stage – fitting design

The doctor tries the design made in a dental laboratory and adjusts it as needed.


The ninth stage – Construction fixation

The doctor fixes construction and provides recommendations to the patient.

Congratulations with your new smile!

Please do not forget about the planned re-examination with your doctor exactly after 3 months will pass.