Piezosurgery and dental implants

Demtal Implants Bio3Dental implantology and its successful and rapid development create new methods of teeth and gums restoration. One of the newest high-tech areas developed by scientists is piezosurgery. It is a method of surgery using an ultrasonic scalpel. What is the advantage of this surgery to dental implants? How does it make the work of dentists easier and help patients?

Ultrasonic knife – an analogue of the drill, which is characterized by the ability to cut both hard and soft tissues accurately and carefully without causing burns and overheating, while maintaining the integrity of blood vessels and nerves. This method of surgical procedures is not only used in dental implantology, but also in other dental procedures: removal of teeth, bone augmentation, osteoplasty. Tissue dissection is performed with ultrasound, that ensures and prognoses a successful result of the tooth removal and implant placement. Since the device generates ultrasonic waves, which are in this case, a “scalpel”, all remote places become achievable without the use of a drill, which is especially convenient when removing unerupting or broken teeth and placing the implant.

There are some indications and contraindications for piezosurgical manipulation in dentistry:

– The necessity of bone augmentation or osteoplasty for the future dental implant procedure;

– The removal of untreatable teeth or wisdom teeth that have just started to erupt and cause pain and discomfort;

– With maxillofacial surgical interventions;

– If necessary to remove a cyst or granuloma.

With all the usability of piezosurgery in dental implantology and dentistry, there are strict contraindications for its use. Thus, the state which is incompatible with the ultrasonic surgery, is any disease when ultrasound can cause a dangerous effect. These are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, immune disorders and diseases of the central nervous system. It is also forbidden to use ultrasound having a cardiostimulator.

The surgery by means of ultrasound is performed in such a way. There is a special apparatus, which has a set of removable heads for different clinical conditions: for different   tasks – different degree of ultrasound exposure. Thus, due to this apparatus a dental surgeon can perform gingival incision with high accuracy or clear tooth cavity from carious formations, perform surgery on soft or hard tissues of the oral cavity simultaneously with the disinfection of the wound surface since the ultrasound has a disinfecting action. Tissue healing are faster as the surgery is performed by sparing method.

The success of the dental implant procedure depends largely on the quality of the implant, but the method of surgery also plays an important role. Therefore, the specialists of the company Bio3 Implants recommend to perform the dental implant procedure by sparing high-tech methods, the piezosurgery belongs to them. It reduces time of surgery, which is atraumatic and bloodless, and ensures predictable and successful results of the dental implant procedure.