Porous titanium granules

Modern methods of dental implants require  new high-tech techniques of material  processing  for specialized treatment of the  most unique and problematic clinical cases of dental restorations. One of the best materials are porous titanium granules which are used for the directed bone growth and reliable implant osseointegration. Why have these granules been developed and what is the advantage of their use in implant dentistry for patients and implant surgeons?

Such granules began to be used in dental implantology in the nineties of the last century and since they have been used in many processes of stabilization and restoration of bone volume during the implant placement. So, titanium granules with pores as a synthetic material, save patients from painful and, requiring additional financial costs, surgery of bone graft harvesting from femoral bone and mandible, if osteoplasty is necessary.

Granules after being placed in an area where they need to stimulate recovery processes of bone volume which means the growth of bone, are not resorbed, but on the contrary due to bioinertness of titanium towards the biological body tissues, retain their structure. Their porous structure creates an optimal base for growth factors of bone cells, thereby making the new bone stronger due to the increased content of mineral components in the form of titanium. It also improves the aesthetic appearance of the soft gum tissue.  All this occurs also due to good bonding between the granules by capillary blood and the saliva of the mouth, which provides a distinct and thrombogenic (hemostatics) nature of the porous titanium granules. A blood clot around the granules and their porous effect create conditions for rapid growth of bone tissue in order to place the implant later. Properties of bone tissue formed on the basis of titanium granules are not worse in quality then the properties of natural jaw bone and the are well-tolerated to the implant placement procedure. Osseointegration processes also have a tendency to the improvement, as titanium “inclusions” of the newly formed bone tissue stabilize its structure around the implant.

Porous titanium granules are of two colors:

– The classic gray, which are used for guided bone regeneration;

– The aesthetic white that are used for the same procedure, but have a more pronounced aesthetic effect. As any material, manufactured for dental implants, the granules are radiation sterilized and do not require particular storage conditions.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants always support the use of new effective technologies directed to improve methods of dental implant procedures. The use of porous titanium granules in different patients with clinical problems of the guided bone regeneration   in case of dental restoration, convinces us that the time of synthetic materials for the osteoplastic procedure has come. The company Bio3 Implants are always glad to more professional and elegant solutions to problems, related to the improvement of the implant osseointegration processes, and the quality of Bio3 implants is guaranteed by high quality production methods.