Preparing for dental implant surgery

None of good dental specialists will perform implant placement without a thorough and careful preparation to the process which includes comprehensive exams of the patient, who should be acquainted with all the information about his health condition and required surgery. So it is important for both the doctor and patient to be ready for this procedure. The patient, in addition to the doctor’s instructions, requires psychological and moral support and the doctor – the most detailed information about the patient’s overall health.

The whole preparation process will help both the patient to choose the right implants, abutments, dental clinic, dentist’s office and the doctor to choose the effective surgical technique and to plan the path of the procedure. Therefore, it is important to realize the necessity of all examinations and consultations with multiple doctors.

The preparations for dental implants always begins with history taking in order to understand the patient’s general medical condition, his oral health, the presence of current chronic diseases or earlier acute conditions. This procedure involves physician appointments and diagnostic tests. A complete health assessment is done by the therapist after examining the patient. The decision to perform surgery is made only after the evaluation of the results of blood and urine tests. Some health conditions are relative contraindications to dental implants, that is why the patient needs to undergo some treatment before the surgery.

Oral surgeons conduct comprehensive oral exams: appoint CT scans or X-rays, which allow to visually assess the condition of teeth and bone. Computed tomography provides more meaningful results, as it allows 3-D visualization of tissues and organs. This means that temporomandibular joint in different planes, the floor of the nasal cavity andthe course of the mandibular canal become available for examination and measurement. A full bone health assessment is done on this stage, as it plays a key role in the choice of dental implant placement technique. The necessity to increase bone volume prior to dental implant surgery also depends on it. If the patient has osteoporosis or severe bone atrophy, he must undergo additional therapeutic and surgical procedures.

The preparation for dental implant surgery includes oral rehabilitation as well, namely, treatment of dental decay, inflammation, gums and nerve canals, removing granulomas and bacteria and plaque deposits above and below the gum. Periodontal disease is also a contraindication to dental implants, as the implant will not be able to stabilize in the inflamed tissue that increases the risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to treat and disinfect the focus of inflammation and conduct a professional dental cleaning.

The  specialists of the company  Bio3 Implants remind the preparatory stage is very important  not only to prevent or minimize  the effect of  complications but to choose the appropriate therapy technique and plan the path of dental implant surgery. The thorough preparation creates all conditions for achieving the most effective result of dental implant treatment and restoring the overall patient’s health.