Proper psychological preparation of the surgical patient

Правильная психологическая подготовкаThe dental implant procedure – is, of course, surgery, and not every patient can decide on implant surgery so easily. Moreover, quite often many people still experience discomfort even from the very idea of visiting the dentist. We are not going to investigate why it has happened in our society, however, it is a fact that many patients need the right attitude and active psychological support from specialists to achieve a successful long-term dental treatment.

The doctor with extensive experience, of course, understands how important it is to establish a trusting relationship with the patient still at the initial consultation. Because it is the patient’s trust that will powerfully boost treatment efficiency. Having established friendly contact with the patient, the doctor ensures the patient’s strict adherence to all his appointments and responsible approach to implant care in the postoperative period. This is one of the important factors affecting the process of implant treatment.

Before the dental implant procedure itself takes place, dentists should teach patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health. Only an implant dentist can identify a patient who will be denied implant treatment because of impossibility to establish a positive relationship necessary for successful and effective treatment. These are patients who will not follow all the doctor’s recommendations and appointments, will not change their habits associated with the higher risk of implant failure. More often these patients do not maintain good daily oral hygiene, do not want to quit smoking and stop any strenuous physical activities at least during implant treatment.

The doctor expends no less energy in training patients to maintain good oral health and, if the patient refuses to cooperate with the doctor during treatment, the choice of high- quality implants and a competent dentist is out of the question.

How to properly prepare for dental implants? And how can patients and doctors cooperate to achieve better outcomes?

1. To establish psychological contact with a doctor and have an active desire to help yourself.

2. To carefully undergo all the necessary examinations, diagnostic tests and treatment offered by a physician and a dental therapist, if necessary.

3. To obtain the consent of all related doctors prior to implant placement, whose advice you required.

4. To refuse from additional load on the immune system, for example, do not  do vaccinations.

5. To undergo a professional dental cleaning, besides, treatment of oral cavity inflammatory disease and dental caries.

6. To keep the body in a good shape: get enough sleep, moderate your alcohol consumption and give up smoking, eat a healthy diet, avoid excessive physical activity.

The specialists of the company Bio3 Implants consider that the choice of the right dentist, a positive psychological attitude and high quality implants are the key factors for successful outcomes of your treatment that will provide you with fully functional teeth and a beautiful smile for years to come.