Stages of dental implants – a guarantee of an individual approach.

The planning stage is always crucial and decisive step on the way to any dream even the most unattainable. Thorough preparation and planning is often half the battle to realize the target.  The dream of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth is not an exception, like a decision of prosthetic implants. In medicine, especially in situations requiring surgery the planning stage always starts with a preliminary examination of the patient and correlation of possible indications and contraindications. Therefore, experts of Bio3 Implants together with the best professionals of practical implantology make preliminary planning on first stage of implantation whatever the method, which includes not only the oral cavity examination and determination of anatomical features, but also additional methods of examination like tomography and radiography. Also, this stage includes determining the health status of the patient in whole as well as laboratory diagnostics, specialized medical consultation and if necessary, reducing the influence of contraindications, treatment of concomitant diseases. Just such level of the preparation as well as implants quality of Bio3 Implants, provides success of   dental implantation and creates the preconditions for a lifetime warranty. Actually dental implantation consists of 3 stages. The first stage – is a surgically integration of the implant into the jawbone. Surgery procedures are performed in the dentist’s office under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Time of the implant installation may vary according to individual anatomical features and state of osseous tissue, but it takes on average about 40-50 minutes. The adaptation period after surgery lasts from 3-4 months to six months. During this period the implant heals in the bone, and only then titanium abutment is placed. In one or two weeks the second stage, fabrication of a dental prosthesis, begins. It is also a surgical stage, which covers small area of the mucous membrane. It takes only one week to complete the whole stage of prosthetics after placing abutment. The third stage is called an orthopedic because the crown portion of the tooth, element of the dental bridgework or removable denture is attached to abutment. All three stages in each case have their time restrictions, depending on many factors mainly medical.  It is worth recalling that the methods of dental implantation are both two-stage, when   time is required for  implant survival after  installation , as it described above , and one-step, when  implant installation  occurs at once. But remember that only dentist chooses a suitable method for you taking into account the state of your health and the company Bio3 Implants is always glad to help you using its experience and professionalism.