The best means the unique!

The best means the unique!

“The best is the enemy of the good”! For dental implantology this statement does not work. When it concerns health, a beautiful smile and joy of life, it is impossible to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, the standard of these issues should always be higher.

However, in dental implantation, as in medicine in general, the best is also unique. This means that for each patient asking for help, the best is selected individually based on the needs of treatment, indications and contraindications, clinical situation, age and condition of all organs and systems. Therefore, a good specialist, when choosing the implant, will always “follow the patient”, being guided by the results of clinical examination and survey.

But, nevertheless, there are absolute criteria when choosing the best implant. Characteristics as statutory requirements ensure their survival rate, successful osseointegration, absence of complications and durability. German manufacturing company Bio3 Implants knows very well, what the best implants should be.  Perfect cone shape and high-quality titanium with a unique hydrophilic microporous surface are very important factors that make it possible to call the implants Bio3 the best solution of the problem of a beautiful smile. That is why Bio3 Implants guarantees the reliability of the placed implant for life.

Another factor leading to successful implantation is the professionalism of an implant surgeon. Because no one will argue that in prentice hands even the best implant may behave unpredictably and cause complications. But even for the very best implant surgeons the company Bio3 Implants regularly gives lectures, seminars and holds training courses, because only such cooperation leads to the implementation of the urgent necessity in the best, reliable and caring assistance.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the best implant? Besides the shape and material, which affect the survival rate and comfortable interaction of the system implant-bone, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturing country, aesthetic characteristics, durability, thoughtful design and low statistics of complications, cost. You should note that the companies-leaders of implant production are always ready to provide information and support to ensure the quality of the treatment.

We wish you the facility of taking a decision on a dental implantation and the quality of our products will help you to bring it successfully to life!